​History of Lederhosen​

Andreas Schwarzkopf on 23rd Feb 2015

In recent years the tradition of wearing Lederhosen and Dirndl in Germany (also known as "Tracht") has experienced a sort of modern day revival. What originated as the garb of the working peasantry of … read more


Andreas Schwarzkopf on 23rd Feb 2015

The history of Andechs began long before the founding of the Benedictine monastery in 1455.The oldest known depiction of Holy Mountain, 1598Originating from Duke Ernst, the name “Holy Mountain” is jus … read more

Trade Show in Salzburg Austria.

Andres Schwarzkopf on 17th Feb 2015

We are preparing for the our trip to Salzburg. We will be visiting the Tracht & Country Trade Show so we can bring you the newest fashion to the USA.Here some fun facts:Nationally and internationa … read more