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Faux Dirndl Edelweiss Shirt

Heading to Oktoberfest and don't want to buy a dirndl for hundreds of dollars? Our faux dirndl Edelweiss motif t-shirt is the answer. The entire shirt is imprinted with an Über realistic looking 3-D costume Edelweiss motif dirndl down to the wrinkles (wrinkle/dimensional effect simulated with darker shading coloring incorporated into the print design)! From close up to a distance, your friends will think you have on a real dirndl top. This shirt is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex making for a great fit, easy care, and durable quality. Match this Edelweiss motif Dirndl Oktoberfest costume shirt to that of your significant other with our Lederhosen Faux T-Shirt!

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